VIP carefully formulates colors, tones, and shades to accomplish a desired shoe color match for your gown, dress, purse or hair accessories. Over the years, we have accommodated bridal parties, theater performances, bridal salons, and show conventions. With 25 years of experience we have dyed over 10 thousand pairs of shoes. Have higher expectations.
Please consult your VIP professional for more information.

A wedding is most romantic, unforgettable and cherished declaration of commitment and love. An occasion filled with happiness, joy, and utter bliss!
Yet, it takes time, effort and energy to plan a wedding…VIP understands. Thus, the Bridal-shoe-Dye service will undertake all your shoe related matters with precision, experience, and care.

Most bridal shoes are dye able, and can be successfully dyed to expertly match your bridal gown. The fabric and color of your gown is unique, with distinctive shades and tones. Thus, wearing a white shoe may not match the color of your gown. Colors such as: snow white, basic white, winter white, off-white, buttercream frosting, ivory, candlelight, and cream are among the frequently requested "wedding colors" for bridal shoe dye.

Most dyeing facilities have you pick a color number from a pre selected dye assortment. All our dye is custom mixed to match your gown. With over 25 years of experience, we know that dyeing shoes is an art, and when dyed properly it will be a beautiful complement to your gown!

Please visit us at our Midtown Manhattan store, and provide a sample swatch of the desired color. VIP will then, carefully formulate special colors, tones, and shades to accomplish a desired shoe color match for your gown, dress, purse or hair accessory.

Bridal parties, special occasions, and formal dinners

VIP Shoe Restorers
provides expert color shoe dye for bridal parties, prom or any formal evening affair. Over the years we have created beautiful colors. Delicate, bright, metallic, vivid, and pale colors.

Dyeing shoes is an art not a science. Due to the textural differences between the dye able, bridal, prom, wedding shoes and the dress material being matched, the shoe’s can never be a perfect match. The only way to have a perfect match is to have the shoes made from the same material as the dress.

While every care and effort is taken to match the color swatch provided, we must point out that there may be occasions when an exact color match cannot be achieved. Materials reflect color differently according to the lighting conditions. Tones, shades, and colors look differently under natural light and indoor (artificial) light.

Please consult your VIP professional for more information.

Various fabrics used for dye able shoes

"Luxe or Crepe Boca" (one and the same) - This is by far the most popular and best selling material as it complements most of the dress available in today's formal attire market. Luxe replaced the previous industry standard of peau de soie (a cottony textured fabric). Luxe dyes much truer than peau on dark colors, and will look beautiful with any crepe or soft textured dress. Luxe represents a cross texture between peau de soie and satin. While not the vibrant sheen of satin, Luxe does have a little sheen which allows it to also match up to today's satin dresses.

"Satin" - Satin is a high gloss material that matches perfectly with bridal gowns that have satin bottoms. Satin dyes especially well to deep color tones such as navy, brown, and burgundy. Satin is a good choice for matching velvet dresses which are normally quite deep in color and tone. Satin material experiences the greatest color variance between outdoor (natural) and indoor lighting due to the reflectivity of the material. Even un-dyed satin will take a pinkish hue outside.

"Silk Satin" - "Silk Satin" is a natural fabric with a soft satin sheen. "Silk Satin" has a soft texture and a slight off-white hue. This is an ideal for dresses that are made of Silk or have a "diamond white" or natural white silk tone.

"Peau de Soie" - Peau de Soie is a cottony based material that works extremely well with crepe or silk dresses. It will not dye well to dark colors but light colors dye great. Peau de soie is the material least affected by the ultra violet light spectrum found outdoors.

Please consult your VIP professional for more information.

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