VIP Corporate Accounts

VIP Shoe Restorers is a company based on long lasting relationships and we look forward to establishing one with you and your employees.

When you establish a corporate account with us, you will have many options. You can use it as an incentive for high performers or as an added benefit to your employees. What are some of these options? Here are a few:

As an incentive:
Give your top performers the ability to receive a free shoeshine for a job well done. Give them one of our coupons and they can have their shoes serviced at their office or at the VIP Shoe Restorers location.

As a discount to your employees:
Today’s market place is extremely competitive and costs for individuals are rising. However, with a corporate account, we can design a cost conscious fee structure for you and your employees. Based on the volume, we could offer all of your employees a sizable discount for all their shoe maintenance needs. The best part about this is that it costs you nothing to set it up!!!

Contact VIP today to set-up your Corporate Discount Program!

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