Shoe Stretching

At VIP we believe your feet should never hurt, “remember your comfort is our primary concern!” VIP offers different accessories and foot care products to relieve foot pain, heel pain, and arch pain. Your foot is a network of 26 bones, 29 joints and many muscles. On average, you take several thousand steps every day and wearing comfortable shoes can make all the difference. So if the shoe doesn't fit, try stretching it. Don’t plan on shoes stretching through wear; this can be a long and painful experience.

There are a couple of different options for you to receive the best results when you find it necessary to stretch your shoes:

1. Bring your shoes to us at VIP, we use a stretching machine to apply specific pressure and heat precisely where the shoe hurts, including length, toe raise, instep stretching and so on. On occasion, VIP will speed up the process with a leather-softening agent.
Consult your VIP shoe repair professional for optimum results in comfort.

2. Purchase a professional quality shoe stretcher from VIP. For ladies' shoes, the stretchers go by shoe size and are designed for both low heel and high heel shoes, with bunion attachments.
Consult your VIP shoe repair professional for optimum results in comfort.

3. VIP suggests you pick up a bottle of liquid shoe stretch to spray on your shoes while using the wooden shoe stretcher. If your shoes are leather, you'll have greater success. We have different brands you can choose from.
Consult your VIP shoe repair professional for optimum results in comfort.

More shoe stretching facts from VIP:

Are those favorite shoes just a little snug? Do you let new shoes sit in the closet because you hate breaking them in? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, a shoe-stretcher (also known as shoe-expanders) may be precisely what you need.

Some shoe-stretchers come with small holes for inserting bunion and corn protectors, sometimes called Ortho plugs. These little knobs protrude from the rest of the shoe-stretcher so that extra stretching is administered in the specific areas that need it most.

A two-way shoe stretcher not only stretches the width of a shoe, but also its length. This type of shoe-stretcher has a separate heel that rolls independently from the forward portion of the wooden foot. If your shoes are too short rather than too narrow, this type of shoe-stretcher might work best for you.

A shoe-stretcher can be used in both the left and right shoe. When purchased in pairs they can eliminate break-in time or maintain the fit you want of your favorite shoes by being left inside the shoes when they are not being worn. Shoe-stretchers are normally used on leather shoes and special shoe-stretching liquid can be applied beforehand to soften the leather to help facilitate stretching.

If you're looking to stretch women's high-heeled shoes, you'll want a stretcher made especially for that style. Cowboy boots and other high top shoes also have special stretchers with extended handles made to reach deep into the boot. There are even calf-expanders if it's the top of the boot that requires the expanding.

Uncomfortable shoes can be painful, but there's no reason to live with the pain with a shoe-expander handy!

Consult your VIP shoe repair professional for any advice on shoe stretching or discomfort you may be experiencing while wearing foot wear.

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