Travel Package
Shoe Shine Kit
Rain Wear Package
Suede Package
Stretching Package

This package is essential for the savvy traveler who wants to keep his shoes in impeccable shape. This will enable you to keep your shoes with the right shine and protect them from the rain, until we see you again at VIP.

• A pair of light plastic shoe trees for men or women (please be specific when ordering)
• Flannel shoe bag for packing
• Shoe Shine Kit (2 brushes / 2 applicators / 2 tins of polish)
• Mini automatic Totes umbrella

Shoeshine Kit

VIP believes this is an excellent gift for the student abroad or anyone on the move. For those who make it a point to maintain there shoes appearance at all times, this is a unique gift that will go along way.

• Wood shoeshine box
• 2 Kiwi select premium paste tins (black and brown 31 grams each)
• 2 soft and durable shining cloths each 3.8" x 17.5" in size
• 2 sponge daubers
• 2 100% horsehair shoeshine brushes.

* Also, you are welcome to customize your shoeshine kit adding extra elements such as meltonian creams, weather proofing creams, sole dressing, etc. Consult your VIP professional for suggestions and pricing.

Rain Wear

This is a must to keep you and your shoes as safe as possible from the rain from top to bottom.

• Automatic Totes umbrella for men or women (be specific when ordering)
• Totes rubber ankle boot with zipper (Black only – sizes sm, med, large or x-large)
• Can of weather proofing spray
• Pair of cedar shoe trees – preserving the leather and keeping your shoes dry


For those of you who love suede shoes know they need extra care. VIP has put something together that will help you clean and preserve your suede and add years to the life of your favorite suede shoes.

• Suede brush with handle
• Can of Meltonian cleaning spray (For all colors)
• Stone eraser cleaner
• Can of Meltonian suede protector spray
• Can of Meltonian black suede renew spray
• Can of Meltonian brown suede renew spray


This kit is a time and money saver and the great thing about it is you’ll be in the comfort of your own home. Use it as many times as you need it and on as many shoes as necessary. We strongly suggest you should consult one of our VIP professionals to get the best results possible.

• Shoe stretcher (works for both feet)
• Can of Meltonian shoe stretcher spray
• Plastic bottle of liquid shoe stretch
• Pair of cedar shoe trees (for men or women – be specific when ordering)
• Flannel shoe bag

* These VIP packages are valid through Internet orders only, plus shipping and handling.Taxes when applicable.

* Please allow 10-14 days for the return of your merchandise. Shop conditions occasionally vary; therefore to provide the best service possible VIP will notify you if more time is necessary.

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